September 29, 2011

Flirting with the Idea of Dating, Part Two...

I’ve been meaning to update the earlier post, “Flirting with the Idea of Dating.” I have all but failed the goal of dating at least one girl a month. And perhaps that wasn't what I was needing, or maybe I need to revisit that goal in the near future. But I told you I'd keep you informed and so, for accountability's sake, I have failed miserably, hahah! I think I've been on two dates since January and it's September! And while I'd like to weakly point out that that was two more dates than I had last year, it still is a long way short of my goal for 12 dates by the end of the year. But who knows? The year isn't over! October might be the month of dating! Heh! Anyways, just wanted to keep you all informed.

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