September 19, 2011

Quick Problem...

Recently, as in about three minutes ago, an old friend got in touch with me via Facebook. This friend, who we'll call Spencer, used to volunteer himself in the same ambulance group that I volunteered in. We met some time ago, like 1990-something, at an event where stand-by medical folk were needed. Always being people-friendly, I engaged in conversation with Spencer and we became friends.

About three months later, the ambulance explorers, as they called us, were invited to come to a three-day campout in the mountains. It sounded very exciting and so I went. Once there, I saw Spencer again and we shared the same excitement for the campout.

During the campout, we would often talk about and do dumb things. We went streaking, snorted pixie-sticks (which is just plain stupid), and water ballooned the girls (which wasn't as stupid). We were buds, Spencer and I. So this one night, we were out walking, when suddenly... well, I'm not sure exactly how it happended, but we became intimate. I'm not tring to down-grade what happened, but it was a one time thing in which we didn't even keep in contact after that, which I'm not sure makes it better or worse, but whatever.

Anyways! This guy, Spencer, just got ahold of me on Facebook and I don't know what to do! Advice would be wonderful! If you don't want to post your comments here, you can always email me.

I'd appreciate it! Thanks! :)

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  1. Be honest. Be kind. Be brave.

    This is the advice I'm giving everyone lately when it comes to romance, past or present. I would just explain that you've become a Mormon, and as such, a sort of "born-again-virgin." I think it's totally okay to be friends with him, but if you're not comfortable, just tell him so.

    Oh, and I love you dearly!